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Check us out in the Spotlight section of September's HerLife Magazine!
"When Bob Tanon opened GymStars in 1999, he was doing more than just bringing another business to the area. He was bringing a huge opportunity to the young people of the community. With a location in Stockton (1740 W. Hammer Ln.) and one in Modesto (5170 Pentecost Dr., #2), GymStars is definitely proving itself to be its own rising star as it strives to provide quality instruction in a safe, clean and fun enviroment so every participant can meet his or her full potential. Reaching for the stars has never been more exciting and fun!
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GymStars Customer Testimonials

"GymStars has help us beyond measure giving her an opportunity to work at "World Class" establishment.  I couldn't have asked for anything else for her first job.  She has learned lot of responsibility working there which she will carry on through life.  Pat your dad on the back the next time you see him.  I love GymStars.  If I ever have grandchildren (hopefully not for a while) they will be part of the "GymStars" family too.  heheheee."- Viginia Flores (Serena Cadena's mom) (04-03-2015)


“You guys do a great job of running this place.  My husband and I talk about it all of the time.  Great job!” Casey Snider (09/30/2014)

"By far the best gym around. Super clean facility with amazing, highly trained coaches. GymStars exceeded my expectations 7 years ago with their safe, welcoming environment. Most of the coaches have been there for years and have become family, which is important to me, as a parent. There is not a high coach turnover rate as seen at other gyms, which speaks volumes about the owners. The programs at GymStars Gymnastics have given our daughters an amazing foundation for life. They have not only improved their physical development but have learned leadership, teamwork, setting goals and, most importantly, self-discipline. I highly recommend GymStars Gymnastics." Karen Sapinozo (2/23/2014)

"Enrolling Jaz  was surely a pleasure and one of the best decisions I made with regards to the best interest of my child. Jazmine began her first gymnastics lesson at the age of 2 (1993). At 11 years old, Jazmine became a gymnast under the instruction of Robert & Christy Waroff at Gymstars (level 7). There she learned proper technique and skills that would follow her throughout her athletic career. Oh did I mention discipline? There is where she learned that "there is a time and a place for seriousness". The 5 days a week, 5 hour a day practices were very intense. Jazmine always left practice with a smile on her face and a desire to return the next day and strive for excellence. She learned that she was her biggest competitor. She ended her gymnastics career on October 5, 2005, her freshman year of high school. Shortly before that sad sad day, she took 1st place all-around at Level 8 Regionals in Long Beach, Ca.
Jaz later became a Division I College Athlete at UC Riverside where she competed the Heptathlon. Her senior year of college, she broke the school record for the amount of points scored at Conference (where she took 2nd place overall).
To this day, Jaz attributes all of her athletic success to gymnastics. As it taught her how to be aggressive and graceful at the same time.
She managed to befriend a couple of teammates at UCR that also had a lengthy gymnastics career. Together, they would all attend "open gym" at one of the local facilities in Riverside and throw one in a halves and fulls into the pit. She actually called and said "mom, mail me my grips". With that, I go on to say "once a gymnast always a gymnast".
Bob, the fact that you and your wife welcomed Jaz and many other ex gymnasts have a job coaching at your gym shows you're not just interested in their well being when they're under your instruction. You guys give back to the community in a big way and it doesn't go unnoticed.
" Marci Lewis
(October 29, 2013)


"Just love GymStars and their "Teddy Bear Picnic" on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 10-11:30. My grandsons
love learning and trying all the gymnastics equipment. The staff is very friendly too:) It's a great way to let you kids work off energy while learning and having a great time. I highly recommend it!
Rhonda Xanttopulos (June 25, 2013)


We cannot say enough good things about Gymstars Gymnastics!! Our daughters enrolled in gymnastics programs at GymStars over 6 years ago, and immediately felt like family.

Every coach they have had has been an inspiration and a gift! The coaches are highly trained and very professional, and go above and beyond to make small adjustments based on my daughters individual learning style. They are very encouraging and positive.

Our daughter has gone from an extremely shy and timid little girl, to a very confident and dedicated young lady. She is now on the Level 7 Optional Competitive Team, performing in front of hundreds. The programs at GymStars Gymnastics have given our daughters an amazing foundation for life. They have not only improved their physical development but have learned leadership, teamwork, setting goals and, most importantly, self-discipline.
GymStars Gymnastics is clearly lead with strong family values. We are extremely impressed with Bob and Casey’s dedication and respect to their staff as well as their customers.
We give GymStars Gymnastics the highest recommendations. Karen & Ed Sapinozo
(April 19,2013)


Thank you so very much for an awesome birthday party!! Your team was wonderful and so much fun. My little guy said he had a fun birthday and thanked me for the party. That made my year and it was with the help of your team! Thank you, thank you!!
   Jan, 13, 2013

"Hey Bob,

I don't have any other contact info for you. I am not too sure if you manage your FB site but I hope this message finds you!
I just wanted to say thank you so much to you and your wife for coming to Devlin's party. That was so thoughtful of you to spend time with the kids, I know how busy you are!

Your granddaughter is so precious. You and your wife must just spoiling her rotten!! Do it because my parents miss my 2 so much!!!
We had a great time at the party. Your staff runs the b-day parties like a well oiled machine! Everything was perfect, the kids had so much fun and I didn't have clean up anything :-)

We may have to have Gavin's 2nd birthday there!!

Hope to see you soon,
Matt, Andrea, Devlin and Gavin xo"
  December 2, 2012

"My daughter Caitlynn May has been attending since July 2012 and even though its only been a few months her confidence, skills, socialization and communications have improved with measured results. My wife and I feel her instructors Miss Gianna, & Miss Andrea are terrific and a real asset to GymStars and Caitlynn really loves working with them. Bob, you do run a great program at GymStars. Just my thoughts thank you."  John May  November 1, 2012 GymStars Stockton

"Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that amongst all the changes happening at the gym right now, we as a family would like to say a huge THANK YOU for all that you have done for us in the past 4+ years. You have our commitment to you as coaches and role models, not just for Mikaela, but for our entire family. You've shown us nothing but love, respect, and 100% dedication with Mikaela, and for that, we are grateful to have you. We will continue to show that same respect and dedication to you as you've shown to us. We want to make sure that you guys know that. We love you guys!!!" The Martinez Family October 24, 2012 GymStars Stockton

"GymStars has outstanding customer service! Book your birthday party with them today!! "   Elena Alward Vosburg GymStars Stockton

"My little one LOVED her GymStars party, and I loved how awesome the staff was in taking care of everything (and I mean EVERYTHING)!! Worth every penny! Thanks, GymStars!!!"    Steve and Maria Sandor GymStars Stockton

“Great Service. You don’t have to do anything!”
“They set out the fruits and vegetables that I brought, and even served them to the kids! They even wrote down who the presents were from! I had an aunt all ready to do this, and the girls just handled it!”
“Everything was perfect! Price was more than worth it!”
   -Laura Rore
GymStars Stockton


  Bob & JT and all of the Gymstars team members:
"I just wanted to send my thanks for providing Jacob and Julianna a wonderful, fun-filled 6th birthday party. They love Gymstars and thoroughly enjoyed their party. They couldn't wait for it to happen and then couldn't stop talking about it afterwards! So again thank you from the bottom of my heart for going above and beyond, as usual, to put smiles on my twins faces!! It's businesses like yours that truly make a difference.  Heartfelt thanks", Nicole Wells and family
  GymStars Stockton


"We are grateful to have had the opportunity for both my children, Jacliyn and Garrett, participate in your many programs over the years. Your programs have given them the basic core conditioning, skill, and confidence needed for them to pursue and compete at a higher level. As a side note, Jaclyn, a senior at Lincoln High, not only jumps a vertical of 24 inches while playing volleyball as a right sided hitter, but she is pursuing track as a college sport. She placed very well at States last year and has set her sights even higher for this year. Do you think the vault, balance beam, bars, and floor ex had something to do with it? A lot of people think so…”Thank you very much",   Diane Lam  September 22, 2010 GymStars Stockton


“As a mother of a competitive Cheerleader my daughter Kayla started cheer as a Tiny at age 4. I saw the joy in her face and watched her excel in Cheer. Now she is 8 years old working hard in her sport always trying to do better. I experienced the site of a well rounded grown up girl that is not only good at cheer but she was awarded a math and writing award in her class of twenty. AS I am writing this letter I have to thank GymStars. In the future she wants to be president of the U.S.. She plans her time well to get the best education and do her best in cheer. All the coaches she has had at GymStars since 2005 have contributed to her young success. Thank you GymStars could not do it without you." …C. Mills  GymStars Stockton

 "What a great learning experience & fun environment for kids to be a part of. Gymstars encourages kids to be active and helps them enjoy the sport of gymnastics and it's benefits for all aspiring athletes. Our son Devlin is involved in the Teddy Bear Pinic and Starbabies classes. He enjoys interacting with all the other children and it is a great opportunity for him to work on basic motor functions, walking and balance techniques. From a parents standpoint, the social environment, the activities and the overall expertise from the staff gives a great opportunity for children of all ages to learn, have fun and devlop in so many areas. I would recommend all parents get their children involved. It is a tremendous program, Bob and his staff do a great job keeping the kids interested and having fun."  Matt Thomas, Head Coach Stockton Thunder Hockey  GymStars Stockton

"I just wanted to formally thank your staff for presenting TWO great birthday parties for my 6 year old and 12 year old yesterday (Dec. 11th). Both parties were fantastic! I especialy want to thank Sarah S., Liberty, and Lacie. They were great with the kids and made the parties enjoyable for everyone (especially me!). Their enthusiasm, organization, and personal skills definitely make us want to return! A great staff makes for a great company!" Sincerely, Jana Roseman GymStars Stockton



Celebrity Testimonials


Peyton Manning-NFL Colts
"My first introduction to gymnastics was during physical education class in elementary school. I found the sport extremely challenging. It takes incredible strength and coordination to be able to perform."



Mary Lou Retton-Olympic Gymnast
"Gymnastics means FUN for my kids!
It provides building blocks for life, by allowing my daughters to participate in gymnastics; I am providing them with the tools they will need to be successful, regardless of what direction they choose. And with these tools, the can accomplish anything in life!"



Scott Bakula-Quantum Leap TV series, Star Trek
"Kids need to get out there and do something! The gymnastics program my children are involved in, Fun & Fit Gymnastics, is fun, non competitive, and a great workout. They leave with a great sense of their bodies and a big dose of self-esteem"



Mary Hart-Entertainment Tonight
"From two to four years of age, my son went to regular gymnastics classes and loved them. He benefited both socially and in hi coordination and I believe that the experience in gymnastics early on gave him confidence in the sports he's now involved with."



Shannon Miller- Three time Olympic Gold Medallist in Gymnastics
"Gymnastics has been my life for as long as I can remember. Now that I am older, I am realizing just how much this sport has taught me. Of course, I have gained physical strength, flexibility and coordination, but I have also learned how to budget my time, to be efficient and to decide what my priorities are. Gymnastics has also helped me learn to set goals, stay dedicated and work toward accomplishing them. The lessons you learn through this sport spill over into all other areas of your life and help you handle everything life throws at you."



Adrienne Barbeau-actress
"Gymnastics helped my boys develop grace, strength and coordination. They love it! I'd much rather have them tumbling and jumping in a fun, safe way than learning to sit in front the television all day. And it's a great way to 'let off steam' without damaging the furniture."


 Gates McFadden-Star Trek
"Teaching children to respect and to understand their bodies through the discipline of gymnastics is giving them a solid foundation for a healthy life. They begin elementary school with a love of movement. They are better able to express themselves physically."

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