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Classes at Gymstars can begin as early as 2 months old in our Gymnsatics courses. These classes require parent involvement and are incredibly successful at having children learn about movement, coordination, and socialization. It's amazing to see self confidence, determination, and appropriate risk taking even at such a little age. Reaching for equipment, pulling themselves up, learning social queues and more! Watch your baby shine in our Star programs -- 5 levels based on age from 2 months to 5 years old.

For kids older than 5 and moving out of our infant/toddler programs, the Rising Star Program is designed to provide non-competitive, achievement-oriented class of progressive skills, conditioning, and flexibility strengthening. Each child receives an appropriate Skill Star Chart to place in their home to show progress and motivate determination to build their skills. Students can track achievements at home as the coach tracks them as part of class curriculum. When skills have been successfully completed, students will receive stars to take home and place on their Skill Star Chart.

GymStars and Tibon-Goju Ryu deliver the best in martial arts training. We have developed National, International, Pan-American, and World Class athletes who have represented the United States all over the world. GOJU means hard soft style of Karate. We use the hard style of Okinawan/Japanese straight line linear angles in fighting and the soft style angels of redirection and the yielding of Chinese Kempo. We offer classes for ages of 3 to 16. We teach beginners to black belt including weapons training of the Yamani Ryu Okinawa Kobudo System. "Our commitment is to develop excellence in self-confidence, respect and discipline in all students, so they develop into the best they can be." Sensei Tibon.


We use age for our littlest gymnasts under the age of 5 and school grade for our Rising Stars to determine your child's class time. Considering each child's experience and skill level we subdivide each class into logical training groups. This approach offers an excellent training situation for kids. If adjustments are needed due to changing home life schedules, see front desk for options and new class times.


Girls should wear a leotard or shorts and a fitted shirt that will not rise up or fall down when performing skills. Boys should wear a t-shirt and gym shorts. Warm-up suits or sweats are good for cooler weather. They should be bare footed during class, but we find socks and slip on shoes are easiest for getting them to and from the gym.


While we have water fountains and vending machines, we encourage parents to pack water for the kids to hydrate themselves on breaks. They are working hard and using lots of muscle, hydration is essential. Kid get a small break to get to the fountain, bathroom, or to visit their parent for sips of water and encouraging high-fives. We don't necessarily recommend food during a workout, but certainly a snack in hand for after class would be appreciated by your hard working athletes.

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