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StarBurst Preschool Gymnastics

Forming your child's attitude toward learning is best when done in the formative preschool years. It is a challenge to wait until the teenage years to instill the learning attitudes. We believe the learning attitude your child acquires in our StarBurst program is extremely valuable to their future.

FUN is far more than meets the eye! One of the objectives of StarBurs is FUN! Of course this is cool with the kids, but as parents, we sometimes forget the importance of fun in a learning setting, especially for pre-schoolers. Adults often feel that when fun is present, learning is not. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Why is fun so important? All well-adjusted, life-long learners at some poting during their formative years will form a subconscious association when presented with a learning situation approximating: Challenge = Risk = Learning = fun and excitement!

In other words, a challenge is worthy of my best effort in and of itself. The value of this association becomes even more apparent when inspecting the opposite association that is prevalent in today's teenagers and young adults: Challenge = Risk = Failure = fear and anxiety. For a person possessing this negative association, the pain of possible failure is simply not worth the risk. The person then learns to insulate themselves from their fear and anxiety by negative association the pain of possibly failing - and then they don't even try. This person then uses clever and creative excuses and displays apathetic attitudes about trying... "who cares?" "why should I?" "it doesn't matter." "Why should I even try, I'll never be able to anyways."

So now you know why WE believe in the value of our StarBurst program. We ask that you don't share this information with any of the kids, though... they think it's just pure FUN!

GymStars StarBurst program is divided into seven age groupings to provide your child a successful learning environment through each stage of their development.


This is for children age 2 - 9 months

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This is for children ages 9 - 18 months

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This is for children ages 19 - 24 months

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2 Year Olds

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3 Year Olds

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4 Year Olds

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5 Year Olds

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