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2 Months through 9 Months of Age

We are proud to offer an exciting program for infants as young as 2 months! It is a 30 minute parent involvement class. This introductory class is geared to helping your infant develop their nervous system from naturally releasing their primary reflexes, which will in turn help them later on when developing:

  • Posture & balance
  • Gross & fine motor coordination
  • Visual & auditory processing
  • Cognition & language.

Brain priming movements help transition the infant from using their primary reflexes to movement exploration.  Our new program is to help infants learn to use movement exploration through tactile stimulation, visual tracking, balance, eye & hand coordination, their auditory senses and all while having social interaction with their peers.  We can give your infant the building blocks that will help them develop their nervous system for higher learning.

In addition to the physical development this class can bring your infant, it also gives you and your baby a chance for some fun bonding!

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