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World's Greatest Birthday Parties


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Stockton GymStars Birthday Invitations:

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Down Load GymStars Stockton Boys Invitation


Down Load GymStars Stockton Girls Invitation



The WORLD’S GREATEST Birthday Parties!!!

GymStars offers the best Birthday Party value in the area! Our parties are PRIVATE, FULLY HOSTED events centered around the birthday child. We have many Party options to choose from all for up to 20 kids:

Full Service 2 hour NOVA Party



This is the most popular Party Package

2 Hour Customizable Party



Please call for the customizable items

2 Hour Nova Party 1.5 hours play 30 minutes in the Party Room




2 Hour Customizable Party 1.5 hours play 30 minutes in the Party Room



NO FOOD  Please call for the Customizable Items

1.5 Hour Nova Party




1.5 Hour Customizable



NO FOOD   Please call for the Customizable Items

Our most popular being our full service 2 hour NOVA party where everything is provided for you! This party allows you to be the parent instead of the party planner. Your party will start with an hour of fun, fun, fun out on the gym floor doing activities that include but are not limited to…

~Obstacle courses         
~relay races
~pit play
~bounce houses
~trapeze swing
~super swing
~ trampoline
~and group games

…all of which are run by two birthday party coaches. This will be followed by an hour in the party room, where you can sit back and relax while those two coaches handle everything from serving food and cutting the cake to making a gift list for your child’s thank you cards. Your party will also include…

~set up
~clean up
~digital invitations
~digital thank you cards
~ice cream
~paper plates/napkins/forks
~party favors
~8x10 color picture
~shirt for the birthday child

Our parties are extremely customizable and we pride ourselves in taking the time to understand what you want from a birthday party and figuring out how to deliver!

After all, it's the child's day...not ours. So lets make it special for them and give them a party to remember!

Every party type is designed for up to 20 kids (but can accommodate more) and includes 2 party experts leading the party, a coordinator to ensure quality, decorations, and a T-Shirt for the birthday child. (May vary by location, call for details).

New add on Feature
We now have "Inflatable Package Add On". If you choose this add on package we set up the Ninja Obstacle Course/Slide and the Sports Theme. The kids will have a blast with this add on. This add on may only be added at the time of your party reservation because we have to increase our staffing to support this add on. (Call for pricing information). (209) 957-1919





"By the way, that client's son has since had his last 5 birthday parties at GymStars.  She kept asking him if he wanted to go someplace else, and he never did.  He's 11 now and one of MANY who continually returns to have their party at GymStars! It truly is the World's Greatest Birthday Party." -Stephanie; Stockton Birthday Party Director.

"I once asked a parent why they wanted a party at GymStars. This is what they told me: 'You know, we had a party here a couple years ago, and it was fun. We didn't have to do anything, and at the time it was prefect for our family. Last year my son wanted a party at a local pizza party place. It seemed cheap at first, but when it was done and we got the bill it was over $500! For that I expected the party person to be more attentive. Honestly, she just didn't seem to want to be there. I've never gotten that feeling from GymStars. So the next year, we came back. It's private, it's hosted from beginning to end, and everything you need is provided. Dollar for dollar, I get more at GymStars...and I don't have to do anything.' It warmed my heart to hear that. She was speaking of our 2 hour Nova party." -Chris Curtis; Modesto Birthday Party Director.

"I just wanted to formally thank your staff for presenting TWO great birthday parties for my 6 year old and 12 year old yesterday (Dec. 11th). Both parties were fantastic... Their enthusiasm, organization, and personal skills definitely make us want to return! A great staff makes for a great company!"
Jana R


(Not all features available for all parties. Call for details.)