Gymnastic: Infants to Age 5

Gymnastic Programs for Infants and Toddlers - As Young as 2 Months to 5 Years

Star Babies for our littlest gymnasts is a program for infants helping them to learn to use movement exploration through tactile stimulation, visual tracking, balance, hand and eye coordination, auditory senses --  all while having social interaction with their peers. We give your infant the building blocks to help develop their nervous system for higher learning. Parent involvement is required.

Star Babies: Infants 2 to 9 Months (30-45 minutes)

Star Movers is a program for our littles to enjoy climbing in, on, out, up, down, over, around and through obstacles to develop muscle control, hand and eye coordination, and socialization skills -- all while having a ton of fun. This loosely structured, exploratory program will use the 'event of the week' to introduce your children to beginning gymnastics. Parent involvement is required.

Star Movers: Infants 9 to 18 Months (40 minutes)

Star Cruisers is a program for instructors to guide parents, who in turn assist their child to experiment in basic gymnastic skills using obstacle courses, beams, bars, trampoline, tumble equipment, swings, ladders, tunnels, music and more! Group games also provide a social component for interacting with other children. This program prepares children to transition into our Star Lites program. Parent involvement is required.

Star Cruisers: Infants 18 to 24 Months (40 minutes)

Star Lites is a program for children to learn age appropriate gymnastic skills incorporating vault, bars, beam, floor, trampoline, and swing. Parents help the children through exciting and challenging activities which help develop motor and sensory skill development. Parent involvement is required.

Star Lites: 2 Year Olds (40 minutes)

Star Brites is a program for children to continue to develop their skills and to let their imaginations soar. By pretending to conquer mountains, rivers, canyons and to swim rivers and more, kids use the skills they know and learn new skills in a creative way. This program builds strong bodies and minds. Parents can now watch from the viewing area and participation is not required.

Star Brites: 3 Year Olds (40 minutes)

Shooting Stars is a program for children to build beginning gymnastic skills on the vault, bars beam, floor, trampoline and swing. Side skills are used to teach students a strong independent work ethic and determination. These programs build the understanding that learning is rewarding.

Shooting Stars: 4 Year Olds (55 minutes)

Shining Stars is a program that is strongly skill based using vault, bars beam, and floor. This program prepares each child physically and mentally for the higher skill levels. Two events of this program are conducted in the Star Burst gym and the other two events are taught in the "big" Rising Star gym, prepping them for their grand promotion into the Rising Star Program.

Shining Stars: 5 Year Olds (55 minutes)

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