Gymnastics: Age 5 to 17

Gymnastics Program for Kids Age 5 to 17


The Rising Star Program is designed to provide non-competitive, achievement-oriented program of progressive skills, conditioning, and flexibility strengthening. Each child receives an appropriate Skill Star Chart to place in their home to show progress and motivate determination to build their skills. Students can track achievements at home as the coach tracks them as part of the curriculum. When skills have been successfully completed students will get to color in their Skill Chart.


We use school grade to determine your child's program time. Considering each child's experience and skill level we subdivide children into logical training groups. This approach offers an excellent training situation for kids. If adjustments are needed due to changing home life schedules, see front desk for options and new times.


Girls should wear a leotard or shorts and a fitted shirt that will not rise up or fall down when performing skills. Boys should wear a t-shirt and gym shorts. Warm-up suits or sweats are good for cooler weather. They should be bare footed during session, but we find socks and slip on shoes are easiest for getting them to and from the gym.

Red Rising Star (55 minutes)

Blue Rising Star (55 minutes)

Bronze Girls (55 minutes) discuss with Coach

Bronze Boys (55 minutes) discuss with Coach

Silver Girls (90 minutes) discuss with Coach

Silver Boys (90 minutes) discuss with Coach

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