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In early March 2020 the nation, the world, faced unprecedented times when the novel virus, Covid-19, entered our daily lives. Businesses were closed, families began to shelter in place, and the world united to flatten the curve and prevent the spread of the virus that does not yet have a cure or vaccine. Over the course of several months, families adjusted their lives and businesses were propelled into developing new ways to serve their clients, maintain their business, and, above all, keep people safe and healthy in these unprecedented times.

GymStars, Inc. is proud to report that we continue to do our part to curb the spread of the virus. It hasn't been easy for anyone. We have had to make difficult decisions quickly. Within weeks we had converted our in-gym classes to live, on-line courses for kids to participate, learn, stay active, and engage with their coaches. These classes were also recorded and made available to those unable to attend the live classes or for kids to take class multiple times a week to supplement physical education classes they were no longer to attend in school.  Over the course of time, and always in adherence to the State's orders and CDC guidelines, we were simultaneously learning of the best practices our business should adopt to continue our part in reducing the spread of the virus and to remain safe for employees and customers.

As the nation continues to be vigilant in putting safety first while balancing the importance of phasing into opening our country, so does GymStars. Again, in accordance to the Governor of California's orders, aligned with the CDC's guidelines, and after implementing new health and safety protocols, we have taken the Stockton Healthy Pledge and are ready to reopen safely.

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